Product Description

The GROSITE Contender 60 site multi-pot grow system features top quality components combined with advanced electronics to provides superior performance and ease of use over any other system on the market.

The Contender 60 site multi-pot system includes a 200 gallon reservoir, a 5 gallon electronic brain system with flip top lid, 12 quick disconnect sites featuring 4 gallon pots with 4 gallon removable inner pots with easy carry handles, and three pumps.

No more failing to drain all of the sites during a 15 minutes cycle, the Contender features full 1 inch diameter pipe that connects each site for full flow and expandability up to 120 sites without any upgrades.

Quick connect sites allow for easy removal, expansion or relocation of sites WITHOUT having to disturb watering.

The ONLY bucket system made completely with USDA approved plastics that are made in the USA, no black colored plastic that potentially leaches toxins into the water. Simple assembly, no tubing to cut or glue. High quality Spears quick connect fittings feature an o-ring for a leak proof seal every time with no tools required. Full lifetime warranty on all the plastics with a five year warranty on the electronics and all three pumps.

The automatic brain features a light sensor which eliminates the need for any timers. Simply connect the 25 foot power cord and you are up and running. All three pumps (included) connect to the brain, so no other power strips, timers or extension cords are needed. The reservoir pump and brain pump are Danner Mag 18 1800 gph pumps. The mixing pump is a 500 gph submersible pump.

The brain has dual float switches which automatically control the watering cycle, filling then emptying the sites every 15 minutes (15 minutes to fill, then 10 minutes to empty, then 110 minutes while empty and so on).

The automatic electronic brain is pre set at 15 minutes fill and 120 minutes drain, but other times up to 100 days per cycle can be factory set if specified when ordering. No need to re-adjust timers when performing water changes or making pH adjustments, simply move the switch to Off when completely draining the reservoir then move the switch to Manual when mixing nutrients and or adjusting pH. When you are ready to water, move the switch to Automatic, that is it!

The brain has one simple switch, Manual-Off-Automatic. When Off, all three pumps are off. When in Manual mode, the system immediately begins a drain cycle to drain the sites while turning on the mixing pump. In Manual mode the mixing pump will continue to run even after the drain cycle is complete. In Automatic mode, the system will check for daylight light (light must be from grow lights or sunlight). Once light is detected the system will wait 60 minutes before beginning a fill cycle (to prevent fill cycles from starting when performing nighttime maintenance). During daylight, the fill cycle and drain cycle will automatically run for 15 minutes for the fill cycle, then 120 minutes for the drain cycle. Once daylight ends the system automatically enters night mode and immediately begins a drain cycle while running the mixing pump. In both Manual and Automatic mode, throughout the nighttime the system will automatically drain any water building up in the sites to prevent the inner site buckets from sitting in any water overnight.

Grosite 2010